Video Blogging: How to make it work for you

Video has become one of the hottest and most used formats for communication on the web. Due to its eye-catching quality and ease of viewing, nothing gets the word out quicker than an internet video. There are many benefits of video on the internet, particularly in social media. The phenomenon of videos going “viral” is no coincidence. See how video can help you get your word out faster, whether you are marketing, educating, or entertaining.

The Benefits of Using Video in Social Media:

1. Video blogging adds a new dimension to your blogging/social networking experience. Not only can you stimulate your friends and readers with words, pictures, and sound, but they can now feel like they are with you.

2. It’s easier than writing. :p

3. More value to your content. Videos are eye-catching. Users’ eyes seem to gloss over text and gravitate towards videos. People are more likely to re-blog, re-post, re-tweet (depending on whatever social network you are on) videos than text. Videos add value to your content and social media page as a whole. Video as content increases the chances of re-distribution, which means a wider audience will access your content.

4. Originality—video gives you a new format for originality and distinction. You get a chance of being the first. If you play your cards right, you could be the original source to a funny video, to a quirky and informative tutorial, to a funny catch-phrase; the options are limitless. A video going viral is powerful; use that to your advantage. Be the first.

5. Versatility—video is a format for all uses: educational, entertainment, informative, opinion, etc. it is the ideal format for a person trying to express themselves, in whatever way, in the most creative, and most viral way.

Bring it to the next level, why not blog LIVE videos?

If you have an Android or and iPhone, you can download TheLoop’s app onto your phone (search “TheLoop” in your Apps Market), record whatever you are doing, and broadcast it LIVE to your profile on TheLoop. You can do this at concerts, while traveling, or whenever you just feel like communicating to all your friends. TheLoop is the only social network that currently allows you to stream LIVE videos.



Author: Patricia Pham, TheLoop Global Marketing Team

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