Social Tidbits: Recent News in Social Media

Tidbit #1 – Facebook: Staying or Going?

People are starting to question the staying power of Facebook. Despite its multi-billion dollar status, many users are expecting a new social network to replace Facebook. The associated Press and CNBC conducted a poll, in which 46% of those who responded to it believe that Facebook use will decline as new social media platforms emerge. Will Facebook face its fall soon? Well, social media is a realm that is ever-changing and ever-growing, and almost always unexpectedly so. Only time will tell.

Here are some articles elaborating on Facebook’s staying power issue:

Facebook use dropping A real phenomenon? on Socialable

Is Facebook a Passing Fad? on Mashable


Tidbit #2 – Pharrell Williams announces new social media platform, “i am OTHER”

Pharrell Williams is planning on launching his own social media platform called “i am OTHER”. The platform aims to be a space for artists of all types and seems to possess an “indie” style (which is very hot right now). “i am OTHER” emphasizes and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual. TheLoop is definitely looking forward to seeing this new social platform, since we are a platform with endless possibilities for artists as well.

The trailer for “i am OTHER”:


Tidbit #3 – TheLoop takes over the streets of San Francisco

TheLoop’s Street Adventure Team are a group of San Franciscan young women (who also work as marketers for TheLoop) who attend festivals, concerts, and other big events in the Northern Californian city and broadcast their shenanigans live. They have quite the job indeed.

Click here to befriend “TheLoop Adventures” and get to know the lively side of San Francisco (must be a member of TheLoop to do so).

Author: Patricia Pham, TheLoop Global Marketing Team

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