Social Tidbits: Microsoft launches, Zuckerberg Marries

Tidbit #1: Microsoft launches (pronounced just like the word Social) is an “experimental research project”. has features that are standard to every other social network as well, but they have a “Everyone” feed, which allows you to see what other users are searching for. is not a full and public network yet, but is currently being “experimented” by students of University of Washington, Syracuse University & New York University.

Tidbit #2: Mark Zuckerberg marries his college sweetheart

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan wed in front of 100 people at his home in Palo Alto, CA. It has been an eventful past few weeks for this young couple: Chan had just graduated from medical school and Zuckerberg’s Facebook just went public last week with the hugest tech IPO in history (more than $38 per share). Chan’s wedding ring consisted of a ruby and was designed by Zuckerberg himself.

The happy couple:


Tidbit #3: Social Gaming Summit

The Social Gaming Summit took place in Berlin on May 23-24. This was a conference focused on social media & gaming. TheLoop was on the panel, with the Director of Business Development, Tzachi Davidovich as a speaker of “Building a Successful Social Games Distribution Strategy: Facebook & Beyond”. There were many talented and knowledgeable people of the gaming and/or social media industry at the event–very exciting!

Author: Patricia Pham, TheLoop Global Marketing Team

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