The evolution of TV viewing platforms over the past few years has been astounding to witness. It seems like eons ago when we had to cater our schedule around our favorite prime-time programs.  Remember when you had to rush home after work in order to catch the season finale of ER or the pilot-episode of Lost? Or even going so far as to cancel a few dates to catch one of the epic Chargers games? Maybe you are still one of these people. But that’s okay–we’ll break it down for you in this post.

What are the new ways to view television, you ask? Here ya go!

  1. Video On Demand Online (I guess VODO is an appropriate acronym): Major broadcast channels in the U.S. (ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, and Fox) put their content online for viewing, allowing you to watch your favorite shows when it’s convenient for you. We’ve even seen the creation of online viewing platforms solely dedicated to watching television and film programs at your leisure such as Netflix and Hulu.
  2. Mobile Streaming: Your smartphone now has the capacity to stream online as well. Sites such as provide you with all the content on your iPhone or Android.
  3. Social Media: You were probably waiting for the social media tie in, right? According to, Facebook partnered with Netflix and Hulu in late September to start streaming television content through Facebook. Maybe television will even get Loopy in the future…?

All these methods of viewing television are all concrete examples of televolution and social television. Televolution is just getting started. Maybe we’ll be able to stream holographic TV episodes from our radios pretty soon- if you still have a radio :p

Author: Nathaniel Simons, TheLoop Global Marketing Team


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