Social Tidbits: Recent News in Social Media

Tidbit #1: LinkedIn & EHarmony HACKED.

 A Russian hacker has breached LinkedIn’s security system, stealing 6.5 million users’ passwords. The director of LinkedIn, Vicente Silveria claims that they “have been working non-stop to investigate it”.

To check if your password was one that the hacker has gotten hold of, go here: LastPass

The hackers also got a hold of a small portion (1.5 million) of eHarmony’s passwords as well. eHarmony has taken action by quickly resetting all the affected members’ passwords and communicating with its users through email.

Tip: If you are a user of LinkedIn and/or eHarmony, and your passwords for either of those are the same ones you use for other social network or email accounts, I suggest you change all your passwords ASAP.


Tidbit #2: TheLoop gets “Weird” in San Francisco.

Our street team attended the “How Weird Street Faire” event in SF on May 13. Paige Parker (member of the street team and TheLoop’s Global Marketing Team) created this awesome video to commemorate:


If you aren’t a member of our Adventures group, do so now to see more San Francisco fun and food: TheLoop Adventures


Author: Patricia Pham, TheLoop Global Marketing Team

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