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Experience a new method of social discovery and live broadcasting through TheLoop.

It’s 2012 and social media is the language of the century. The cyberweb is everchanging and everprogressing. It seems like there is now a social network for everyone and everything (even Grandma Betty is dropping status updates and posting “wink” faces on your pictures with that special person).

So what makes TheLoop revolutionary?

  1. LIVE Stream Feature- TheLoop boasts a  live stream feature, allowing you to broadcast to your friends, a group, or TheLoop Community at large, LIVE. No other social network website does this.
  2. Discovery Tool- TheLoop makes it extremely easy to discover stories, videos, or photos that friends or potential friends are posting. An icon at the top right of your home page allows you to receive a live feed from your friends (My Loop), friends of your friends (Loop Cubed), or Loopers from anywhere (Explore).
  3. We’re brand spanking new!- Unlike many already existing social networking sites where you are just a number, we value our Loopers and want to hear from you! Think we could make some improvements? Think a new feature would be cool? Let us know–this is YOUR social network.

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