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San Francisco: The New Silicon Valley?

Pinterest is the most recent of tech companies moving their office to San Francisco. Pinterest, previously located in Palo Alto, has moved its office location to the neighborhood of SOMA in SF, very close to the offices of Zynga and Yammer.

Ed Lee, in a press release, has called Pinterest part of the “Innovation Capital of the World”, stating that San Francisco is making an effort to encourage brand-new innovative companies. To celebrate the Pinterest move, Lee has released a Pinterest Page featuring San Francisco’s sights and events.

Twitter is also set to move its headquarters to San Francisco, and Salesforce, Instagram (now owned by Facebook) and Yelp has already made a home in this Northern California city.

There has been talk of a “tech boom” in San Francisco the recent years, which many say is reminiscent of the dot-com boom in the 90’s. This of course, will affect San Francisco significantly. This “boom” will create many opportunities for recent college graduates to work and live in such a vibrant, beloved city. However, these new changes also raises some problems for current San Francisco residents.

Many worry that rent will increase; some worry that diversity will decrease and that gentrification is detrimental to the city’s working class. Responses on Facebook, Twitter, and articles relating to the Pinterest-move support these opinions. However there are also responses of excitement, many believe that a tech industry may add to the energy of San Francisco.

Cities change and grow for various reasons; San Francisco is no exception. SF-ers, what do you think? Are you excited for the technology industry to grow in San Francisco, or are you wary of it?


Author: Patricia Pham, TheLoop Global Marketing Team

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Social Tidbits: Recent News in Social Media

Tidbit #1: Act-On & CitizenHawk create Social Media Monitoring Tools

CitizenHawk, a provider of online brand protection and enforcement for companies, has released HawkSocial, a new social media monitoring tool that allows companies to view and oversee their relevance and presence on social media sites. HawkSocial will provide companies with a structured form of social media metrics. HawkSocial will be a complimentary service to already existing HawkDiscovery online brand protection platform.

Act-On Software has also released a social media marketing tool called Act-On Insight, which allows companies to access online marketing metrics and manage multiple social media platforms on a single dashboard. With Act-On Insight, companies can also monitor their popularity and buzz on social media sites.

With two new social media monitoring tools released in the same week, it goes to show how social media is increasing in value when it comes to companies’ marketing methods.


Tidbit #2: Social Media Day

Will you be joining the cities of New York, Las Vegas, San Jose, Tampa, San Diego, Reno, San Carlos, Dublin, Toronto, and (recently proclaimed) Tulsa in celebrating social media on June 30? How will you celebrate the digital revolution that has taken place in the past decade? Many people have varying opinions on social media—but no one can argue the significance it has on human communication today. From business to personal to entertainment, social media has created a real-time dialogue between endless amount of people, and that is something to be celebrated.

Save the date: Social Media Day is on June 30 (launched by Mashable).

Tidbit #3: TheLoop has fun at the Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

Our San Francisco Street Team is at it again, check it out:



Author: Patricia Pham, TheLoop Global Marketing Team

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